Team Secret WON ESL One Frankfurt 2015 Grand Finals


s4’s Zeus took a pair of kills on SumaiL’s Leshrac early on, but EG struck back at the five minute
mark which brought the kill score to an even 2-2. Secret pulled ahead with another two kills as
Zeus was now on track to a very fast first item.

As EG were going for an unsuccessful smoke gank in their own jungle, Secret smoked into the
Roshan pit and quickly took the Aegis for Arteezy’s Sven. EG ran in after Roshan fell, but no one
died in the ensuing fight.

Secret gave away two-kills-for-one on Fear’s Razor, but the trade was worth it in the end as Sven
took his second tower last hit on the Tier 2 in the top lane. Sven had a Mask of Madness, Black King Bar and Blink Dagger in under 20 minutes.

Roshan melted to Secret a second time thanks to God’s Strength from Sven and Puppey’s Dazzle’s recently
completed Solar Crest. The Aegis went to Sven who had almost completed an
Assault Cuirass as well.

When Io found a Double Damage rune in the top half of the river, Sven came to take it and they both
immediately relocated into the Roshan pit. Roshan died quickly,
but EG came to fight and with God’s Strength on cooldown they managed to take three-for-one fight in addition
to getting rid of Sven’s Aegis.

EG’s next fight was even better – a four-for-one trade that allowed them to push high ground in the bottom
lane.They did some damage to the Tier 3 tower but both
zai’s Tusk and Sven bought back, forcing EG to back off.

Secret did not spot Roshan for the third time, but EG couldn’t bring it down as fast as Secret could and
their attempt was spotted by a Thundergod’s Wrath. With Arteezy split pushing the top lane, Secret had to back off and Io relocated Sven into the pit to steal it out from under them.

They finished Roshan so quickly that they took the Aegis before being relocated back to the top lane, where
they killed both Leshrac and ppd’s Earthshaker.

EG pushed in the bottom lane and took the melee barracks without losing anyone. Secret lost four but bought
back on three to defend the rest of their base.

At the 58 minute mark, EG had a 29-16 kill lead and were charging down the middle lane. They took the middle
melee barracks but lost Earthshaker, Aui_2000’s Winter
Wyvern and UNiVeRsE’s Phoenix. Secret tried to push for high ground but lost Tusk and had to back up again.

When EG pushed the top barracks at the 65 minute mark, Secret lost their entire teams plus all possible buy
backs and finally had to call GG.